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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Downloade Template: Youtube Layout NEW

Template: Youtube Layout 

Layout: Three Sections 

Size: 21.6 KB 

Compatibility: IE9+, All 

License: Innovative Center Attribution-NonCommercial 


At the end of the day we have composed another format for video websites. This layout is duplicate of, there are rapid java scripts and modules introduced. Java Script by Abu-Farhan and Modules by Blogger Modules. 

The format is outlined keeping in mind the end goal to compel guests to stay longer and make more Site visits, full seo advanced and simple to control. 

Elements of Layout 

Programmed implanted video on post page (just glue URL join) 

Programmed slider for the last highlighted recordings 

Programmed Late recordings gadget (video thumbnail) 

Programmed Thumbnail from Youtube (just Youtube URL) 

Page Route 

Three Section Video Posts 

posts are composed with modules with full control 

Dynamic meta depiction labels for Post supervisor as of now introduced 

Information Variables for Titles and Post Pages as of now swapped 

Dynamic Post View tally module introduced 

The perfect HTML structure would make it genuinely simple for pursuit robots to slither and list the pages effortlessly without pointless scripts square get to. 

Whole structure takes after a hierarchal stream of Heading labels according to Hunt Robot prerequisites. 

H1 for Web journal title, H2 for post and sidebar titles and H3 for sub-headings, 

Marks, Remarks, Chronicle Connections and File Pages are all around advanced by setting robot sections 

Remarking framework is all around protected from spammers 

Load Time has been remembered according to Google Website admins most recent Page speed necessities 

In short this format is a store of all SEO highlights that a blogspot online journal can contain! 

Youtube format 

Step by step instructions to include recordings into post 


Utilize just youtube recordings, simply duplicate the Url connection of youtube video 

Vital : Read Painstakingly the Clarification. 

Step by step instructions to present the video have on tail this arrangement 



Your depiction/content goes here 


Including Depiction or substance into post 

including portrayal of video or content to post underneath video you have include this code above and beneath you message 

for instance : 


most lovely urdu Nasheed for mother 


endofvid is critical to include else this 

wont work. 

Simple Customization 


Including Header logo : Picture size ought to be 183 x 58 for best 

Social Fan pages : 

social bookmarks 

Goto> Layout > alter html > 

presently look for > <div id='header3'> 

<div id='header3'> 

<div class='right'> 

<a class='iconFacebook' href='' target='_blank'></a> 

<a class='iconTwitter' href='' target='_blank'></a> 

<a class='iconRSS' href='' target='_blank'></a> 

<a class='iconGoogle' href='' target='_blank'></a> 



Supplant joins with your fan page joins 

Nevigation Menu : 


Hunt down > <div id='navcontainer'> 

<div id='navcontainer'> 

<ul id='navlist'> 

<li><a href='#1'>Movies</a></li> 

<li><a href='#2'>Urdu Nasheed</a></li> 

<li><a href='#3'>Sports</a></li> 

<li><a href='#4'>Tech Video</a></li> 

<li><a href='#5'>News</a></li> 



Supplant # with your url join 

On the off chance that you need to add more connections to menu then include this 

<li><a href='#'>More</a></li> 

Change Creator Picture : 

creator picture 

Supplant - zWSpUwndZ-A/UKSHEjmPadI/AAAAAAAABvo/izTEYc_Y-t0/s1600/website logo.png 

with your creator picture url 

Membership Structure : 


Beneath Creator picture you will discover this code 

<form action='' method='post' onsubmit='; uri=blogspot/qlgrr&#39;, &#39;popupwindow&#39;,&#39;scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520&#39;);return genuine' style='padding-main: 2px;' target='popupwindow'> 

<input class='int_btn' type='submit' value='Subscribe'/> 

<input class='subbox' name='email' onblur='if (this.value == &#39;&#39;) {this.value = &#39;Enter your emailaddress...&#39;;}' onfocus='if (this.value == &#39;Enter your email address...&#39;) {this.value = &#39;&#39;;}'style='width: 80px;' type='text' value='Enter your email address...'/><input name='uri' type='hidden' value='Blogspot/qlGrR'/><input name='loc' type='hidden'value='en_US'/> 


Simply Supplant Blogspot/qlGrR with your food burner id 

Footer Joins : 


Hunt down > <ul id='foot-nav'> 

<ul id='foot-nav'> 

<li id='foot-nav-1'><a href='#'>About Us</a></li> 

<li id='foot-nav-2'><a href='#'>Contact Us</a></li> 

<li id='foot-nav-3'><a href='#'>Advertisement</a></li> 

<li id='foot-nav-4'><a href='#'>Copyrights</a></li> 


<div style='clear:both;'></div> 

<ul id='footer-nav'> 

<li id='footer-nav-1'><a href='#'>Terms</a></li> 

<li id='footer-nav-2'><a href='#'>Privacy</a></li> 

<li id='footer-nav-3'><a href='#'>Sitemap</a></li> 

Supplant # with your url Connection 

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